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Archives at the National Centre for Biological Sciences

Logo Launch - Nov 11 2021


We are delighted to share the new logo for the Archives at NCBS!



Concepts behind the logo

The origins of the new logo for the Archives at NCBS are in the 'a' - for archives, the treble clef in music as a nod to the idea of stories, and the ampersand -- & -- for inclusivity and the in-between nature of the archive. It is a way to think about the stories that emerge from the archival material, and a way to think archives as a connector between different kind of spaces. The form of the symbol is a nod to various South Asian scripts. The loops in the symbol double as a way to think about cell division, as a basis for life. The brown tones are a nod to colours at the archives, both of the space and the historical material.

Logo design: Anoopa John

Initial concepts: Aditi Mishra


Logo Launch Event Details and Recording

past / present
Logos, design and the shaping of identities

Thursday, Nov 11 2021.

6:00 PM: Launch of the new logo for the Archives at NCBS (Anoopa John)
6:30 PM: Logos of institutes in India: histories and a visual analysis (Tarun Deep Girdher, National Institute of Design)