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Archives at NCBS: Digital Material Take Down Policy

Rev 1: Feb 15, 2024

The Archives at NCBS is a public collecting centre for the history of science in contemporary India (https://archives.ncbs.res.in). We preserve and arrange physical and digital archival material for present and future generations, and according to international archival description and preservation standards. In its capacity as an academic and educational centre, the Archives at NCBS is making digital objects available online for open viewing and research purposes. We also hope this nurtures a culture of communities in India to work with archives for preserving their histories. 

The Archives at NCBS makes every effort and acts in good faith to ensure that material that has been made available online has been cleared with appropriate rightsholders. It also makes no representation that it is the copyright owner in all of its collections. While the Archives at NCBS offers open access, any user must obtain all necessary rights and clearances before any use, reproduction or distribution of material, which may require contacting specific rightsholders. 

To understand our policies for making digital material accessible on our site, please see Section 5 of our Access Guidelines: https://archives.ncbs.res.in/access

The Archives at NCBS recognizes that there are legitimate circumstances where some digital material may be removed from public access, in case:
-- The material available online is in breach of the Copyright Act, 1957.
-- Continued public access to the material would be in breach of legal requirements concerning an individual’s right to privacy over information recorded in the material.
-- If the material is defamatory or obscene, or its continued publication is in violation of law.

If you believe any of the above circumstances apply to material made available on this service, and you are the rightsholder or a representative of the rightsholder, please use this form to contact us with information about the material.


Take Down Request Form



Process for Restriction of Access [What happens after your submit a request]:
When a take down request (via the form link above) is received informing the Archives at NCBS of any of the circumstances mentioned above, this request will be reviewed and evaluated by the Archives at NCBS (and if needed, the Archives Internal Review Committee and External Review Committee), in consultation with any necessary legal officers and privacy/ethics officers. The team will make a determination of the legality and appropriateness of making the material available online through this service, based on the reasons provided by the rightsholder, the circumstances and context in which the material has been made available, and the legal basis available to the Archives at NCBS for continued publication of the material.

A response to the notice shall be communicated via email to the requester by the Archives at NCBS within 60 working days of receiving the initial take down request. Depending on the assessment of the specific request and archival object, the Archives and NCBS may choose to:
1.    Restrict or remove online access to the material, or,
2.    Rectify any illegality in the material, including, for example, by anonymizing personal information or removing copyrighted material, or, 
3.    Restore original access to the material.